Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Top London PR Company to work with Midas in 2011

We visited London today to meet some clients and also meet the PR company who have been courting us for some time and who work with some of the large London Property Investment clubs - we were excited about their feedback.

They said we had no competition - because we were the only company that stayed with the client the whole 10 years and didnt run away. The other companies always try and fleece the client for money on expensive DVD training courses and also extortionate seminars. We know that people who attend these courses often leave excited and then lose their confidence and end up doing nothing afterwards which is a real shame.

So we are excited about getting national press and TV coverage next year.

Watch this space.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

What is a Property School all about? Watch the video shoot here.

Robin has been working with and account manager Ben Hull to create a promotional video for our Property Schools and are really pleased with the result.

Ben's team created a number of shoots on our last school in October and we want to be able to capture the spirit of the event to share with people online.

The new Midas website which is due for launch in January 2011 will incorporate the full range of footage and interviews with Mark Regan, Lee Johnson, Andy Dillan our lettings manager and me.

Take a look at the final edit

Thanks to Ben and the team for their efforts. We thoroughly recommend their work.

Investors Chronicle publish interview with Midas

Yesterday I was called by Investors Chronicle magazine who wanted me to do an interview for their December issue. The magazine publishes nationally predominantly for equity investors and covers a wide range of topics from current affairs, UK and overseas market issues. Property is obviously another area which investors can turn to who are looking to protect their wealth in uncertain times.

I was able to comment on the fact that, when done properly the UK property market is a safe place to put your money and over 10 years, in the right location can experience fantastic growth.

Looking forward to December's issue where the article will be published and will be on the Newsagents shelves.