Friday, 24 December 2010

David Wilson agree to sponsor schools for 2011

I had a great meeting this week with David Wilson Homes and came away feeling even more excited about 2011 if that is possible!! We secured sponsoship to our schools in 2011 and have offers on 5 of their show homes all with fantastic discounts and leaseback options. So we know we are going to be able to offer properties which deliver both large discount and also really high rental yields for our clients in the New Year. We also have access to their national catalogue so we can offer locations to suit the needs of our clients.

This wraps up a whirlwind final quarter for 2010 and it feels like my feet havent touched the ground.

January is already destined to be a major month for Midas with a full appointment book, new website and branding launch, 4 schools and national PR campaign already in the diary.

From all the team at Midas we wish everyone a fabulous Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

David Wilson South West of England Deal with Midas Property School

Today was another milestone for Midas Property School - I had a meeting today with David Wilson Homes who were so impressed with our model that not only were they prepared to offer discounts to our clients in all of their sites across the South West but also would like to discuss sponsoring all of our Property Schools and host a school at every champagne launch of a new site.

This would be great news for our clients as we would have a wider range of stock to offer them, which along with Persimmon and Taylor Wimpey, who we already deal with, would mean we would be a trully national company with wide reaching access to all investable regions in the country.

We would also now have a sponsor with national credibility which enhances the Midas brand and gives added kudos for our standing in the property arena.

Finally David Wilson Homes will be discussing adding a link to the Midas website from their national website.

We will be meeting again on the 21st December to go over the fine details.

We are now really excited about what 2011 will bring when we host many more schools around the country.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Mark Regan and Lee Johnson tell us about Midas Estates

We love having our ambassadors Mark Regan and Lee Johnson on board with Midas for obvious reasons - and we asked them for their thoughts on how Midas works for them and why it appealed to them in the first place.

In particular they both shared the experience of being given the hard sell by businesses from all angles and having to be aware of the motives of those who approach them.

Mark started by giving us his story

and then Lee Johnson from Bristol City Football Club told us of his views.

If you know any sports person who is thinking about investing then please share this Blog post with them and ask them to give us a call.

Schools in Taunton and Wells a sell out success

We were delighted to hold two more Property Schools in the south west this week on Monday and Tuesday in Taunton and Wells and again we had some great feedback so thank you to those that came - the venues were both full - so thanks to Alister Betts for marketing the event.

Here is a taster of one of our schools - this was in Bristol recently

We'd love to hear from anyone who would like to attend one of our schools or if someone has got some general questions about property investment then we welcome their call for some free advice.

For instance we often get landlords contact us for a review or to take over the management of their portfolios because they want to give the stress to someone else. That is what Midas is all about - letting people get on with their lives while we get on with getting your money working hard for you.

Here is a brief testimonial from Bill Eaton who came to our Bristol school

We are now looking forward to planning for the new year where we have schools lined up for January and February for Cheltenham, Plymouth, Cardiff, Exeter, Bristol and Coventry.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Top London PR Company to work with Midas in 2011

We visited London today to meet some clients and also meet the PR company who have been courting us for some time and who work with some of the large London Property Investment clubs - we were excited about their feedback.

They said we had no competition - because we were the only company that stayed with the client the whole 10 years and didnt run away. The other companies always try and fleece the client for money on expensive DVD training courses and also extortionate seminars. We know that people who attend these courses often leave excited and then lose their confidence and end up doing nothing afterwards which is a real shame.

So we are excited about getting national press and TV coverage next year.

Watch this space.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

What is a Property School all about? Watch the video shoot here.

Robin has been working with and account manager Ben Hull to create a promotional video for our Property Schools and are really pleased with the result.

Ben's team created a number of shoots on our last school in October and we want to be able to capture the spirit of the event to share with people online.

The new Midas website which is due for launch in January 2011 will incorporate the full range of footage and interviews with Mark Regan, Lee Johnson, Andy Dillan our lettings manager and me.

Take a look at the final edit

Thanks to Ben and the team for their efforts. We thoroughly recommend their work.

Investors Chronicle publish interview with Midas

Yesterday I was called by Investors Chronicle magazine who wanted me to do an interview for their December issue. The magazine publishes nationally predominantly for equity investors and covers a wide range of topics from current affairs, UK and overseas market issues. Property is obviously another area which investors can turn to who are looking to protect their wealth in uncertain times.

I was able to comment on the fact that, when done properly the UK property market is a safe place to put your money and over 10 years, in the right location can experience fantastic growth.

Looking forward to December's issue where the article will be published and will be on the Newsagents shelves.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Cheltenham School is a success

What another great night - our School in Cheltenham was well received.
The Midas team fielded all of our audiences questions and set everyone's mind at ease.

We were told that the presentation was gentle and informative and gave them confidence in the Midas offering and we know that the vaste majority of guests want to book one to ones with us and get their portfolios started.

We are finding that there are alot of people who wouldnt get started if it wasnt for our services and that's why its so exciting working with people who want to profit from property.

We were able to advice first time buyers who can benefit from our negotations with developers who can contribute to the deposit and costs and also with a landlord who was thinking of getting a full review done and have our lettings team take over the portfolio for them - a hassle free service which will allow him to get on with his life!!

Thanks to Andy Sawers for marketing locally and thanks to everyone who came. We look forward to seeing you again soon.


Thursday, 14 October 2010

SELL OUT at Bristol School!

Well what a fantastic night we had tonight at the Bristol School. We were so busy people were walking in and looking for chairs!

We had a film crew in who were taking footage for our new website and Lee Johnson from Bristol City and Mark Regan MBE world cup rugby player were there to conduct interviews and tell our guests how they endorse Midas to their sporting friends and recommend us to them.

We had a great response from people and we think we made another good impression with lots of people requesting one of our free one to one consultations.

We had the chance to explain in more detail how our lettings team work and elaborate on how our national property management service is so stacked in faviour of the investor that the rents are maximized and the voids are minimized down to days. Costs are also kept down to a minimum.

We love sharing our service with people and with the news spreading fast we know we are almost sold out for Cheltenham on Monday and have 2 more dates for Wells and Taunton for Novembers.

Midas want to thank everyone who came and helped to make it a great event.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Saxons Estate Agents join Midas

Had a very exciting week this week with Saxons Estate Agents who have 3 offices; one in Cheddar, Bridgewater and Weston have teamed up with Midas Property School to offer our service to their clients. Matt and Geoff are very excited about this saying "This is a great idea because people do want to invest in property but are scared to , and to offer a service where we stay with them all the way is great and adds value to our clients in so many ways". They appreciated the 6 monthly customer reviews we do and the way we have everything under one roof - we find discounted property and rent it time and time again.

You go to Tescos for your food, a garage for your petrol but where do you go to get the right advice on how to build a property portfolio?

We look forward to working together and helping Saxons clients reture early and spend time with their loved ones.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Mark Regan MBE talks about the future for Midas

Mark came in for a meeting at the office today to talk about his view of the future for Midas and regarding our growing endorsements from fellow sportsmen like Lee Johnson from Bristol City FC and Bristols own Glenn Catley super middle-weight boxer.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Best of Bristol

Today has been such a positive day all round for Midas.
Robin and I set up an exhibition stand at Ashton Gate Stadium for the BestOfBristol which was a joint venture with the Federation of Small Business.

We were one of over 100 exhibitors and we were expecting to meet and talk to alot of people. We know the event attracts alot of different types of business so we were looking to find some like minded people there.

We saw alot of our networking friends and also met some new peope who gave us some great feedback.

Robin paused to tell us a little about the stand and what we wanted to achieve.

Friday, 24 September 2010

"You are too nervous" Midas tells Paramedic from Cheltenham - who now has 5 properties

Ian Summers, a paramedic from Cheltenham, tells us how his last 2 years as a Midas customer has opened up his life choices and changed his life. We are greatful to Ian for sharing his views - he explains how fearful he was initially and that Ian Clark took 2 years to accept him as a customer to make sure he wasnt too nervous. Ian Summers says that we are all conditioned to believe we must go to school , get good grades, get a good job, and work til your 65 and we need to train ourselves to believe that you dont have to work til you are 65 and that property allows you to get your life back.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Midas have 2 More Property Schools for October

Midas have 2 More Property Schools for October

We would like to offer an invitation out to anyone interested in Property Investment to our next 2 FREE Property Schools - play the video below to find out the dates and venues and how to attend.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

"Dancing like your dad!" Bristol City's Lee Johnson joins Midas

Robin and I met with Lee Johnson of Bristol City for a chat about joining Midas and also how he views property investment.

We are thrilled to announce that Lee has decided to endorse Midas which further enhances our public profile and gives our brand further credibility - something which we treasure with so many of our competitors going down the route of taking clients for a ride.

We have been to a number of seminar type events which are basically just hard sell forums for their expensive DVDs and seminars which guests are pressurised to buy. These companies tend to charge fees for property finding as well and then leave you to it - which often increases the risk of failure in property investment. At Midas we believe passionately in staying with our clients for 10 years and making sure there are no mistakes made and that a relationship is build up based on trust and success.

Lee Johnson tells us about his views as a player and also his dancing!

Monday, 20 September 2010

Interest from Malaysia

Was at the Dorchester hotel in London before I went to Spain earlier this month to meet Carol, a lady from Malaysia, and after an hour chatting to her she was so impressed that she is now buying three properties through Midas and wants to take our property school to Malaysia for her family and friends.

She did say however that she had seen five other companies before us and thought we were the most professional and loved the fact we hold the clients hand all the way , great news !!!!

Friday, 17 September 2010

Bristol City's Lee Johnson joins Midas and wants to share his view on what we do

We are thrilled to announce that Bristol City's Lee Johnson is joining Midas and will tell us all about his excitement about joining us on Monday.

Best Of Bristol Show next on the Midas calendar

Robin and I are really looking forward to presenting at the Best of Bristol exhibtion at Ashton Gate on the 28th Sept. Its going to be attended by 1500 visitors and there are over 300 exhibitors which should make for a great day.

In our experience people are open to the idea of investment once they are shown our strategy because they realise we do our research and the service we offer involves holding their hands for future.

We are looking forward to seeing alot of friendly faces too from the networking scene.

Cheltenham Property School now confirmed

We have now confirmed a second school for October for the 18th October at the Holiday Inn Express @ 6pm and we are looking forward to another evening of sharing our tips and strategies for successful property investing in the UK

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Bristol School is a success

Our Bristol Property School was fully attended and the Midas team has grown significantly as a result of the attention we are getting on the Bristol networking scene.

A big thank you to all those people who made it to both our introducer induction and our main event in the evening.

Some of the feedback we received is shown below:

"Just the right length"
"Great educational content with facts and figures to back up the points"
"Liked the charts and maps"
"Good to see different people from different areas of expertese contributing"
"Learned alot about investment strategies"
"Useful to be able to ask questions of the experts"
"surprised at the growth in certain areas"

We want to extend our thanks to all those that attended and all the new introducers who are now joining our team.

It was nice to be validated by alot of IFA and mortgage professionals and now endorsed by the same people.

We are now looking for considerable growth in our client base and feel confident that our next school will require a bigger room!!!

Until next time.....

Monday, 16 August 2010

Aston Martins and Joint Ventures

Today was a day for forging new relationships with partners overseas and in the City and to the Dorchester we went!

Robin tells us what we are up to and a little about his experience with Midas so far.

We took a few snaps of the cars parked outside the hotel and after one of our appointments cancelled at short notice - frustrating on a day like this - we headed back home.

The feedback gained from one of the largest taxation specialist was very positive and he was keen to explore a joint venture with us and create further growth for both companies.

Our second appointment was with a US real estate agent whose clients reach into Palm Springs and towards Las Vegas - she had over 25 years experience in the business and could offer some great apartments and holiday homes in a great region called Indian Wells which is just outside Palm Springs. There afre 360 days of sunshine - no aligators, bugs or rainy season and the golf courses, designer shopping malls and quality restaurants made the location desirable for an overseas investment.

The trip home left us feeling tired but Ian had time to give us his throughts in the car.

Our next trip should be Hong Kong but looking forward to the next few weeks following the Property School on thursday where we should have plenty to do!

Until next time...

Saturday, 14 August 2010

What does a Bugatti Veron, Kelly Brook and Ronnie Corbett and a world cup rugby player all have in common?

Meeting clients, developers , PR companies and joint venture partners is all done best at the Dorchester Hotel in London - it's easy to reach and sets the scene well to do business and we are always treated well - you'd hope so wouldnt you!

Last week my business partner , Robin Campbell and I had a series of meetings which turned out to be really exciting for us.

Speaking to the butler at the hotel he told us that the owner of the blue Bugatti Veron (see picture) 
 also had a Pagoni Zonda! 1.6million and 1.4 million of automobile - that would feed the whole of Bristol for a day!!

Robin bumped into Kelly Brook at the revolving door which left him speechless and I saw Ronnie Corbett!! Not quite the same experience but fun all the same.

We met up with Ben Sturnham one of our clients and ex world cup 2003 rugby player,  who now has 6 properties with us, and was pleased with the capital growth of his portfolio and the decent rental profit coming from the drop in interest rates.

We also spoke to a property developer whose favourite trick was building underground carparking  - and had done this for several properties in London - he had a fantastic development completing next year and we were offered good prices for our clients - plum location too.

We also spoke to a well known Finance Company who were acting insolvency practitioners for an Icelandic bank who were under administration and winding up their assets - they offered Midas 15 flats in Clifton , Bristol - a prime location and rents for fun. They had 2 year tenants already in and so made it even easier for us to offer this to our clients - and we knew at discount too.

Finally we met up with 2 people who want to sign as Midas Introducers - one from Brighton and a letting agent from Swindon - the news is getting out about our income opportunity and we feel that there is going to be no stopping it!

Back at 8pm and completely bushed but totally worth it and feeling confident about our next Property School.