Friday, 9 March 2012

Tony Cottee comes to Infiniti Property School

Just recovering from a long day in London - but what a day it was - our London Piccadilly Property School at the Infiniti Showroom next to the Ritz Hotel made a perfect venue for our event. 80 guests came and bookings were being made all the way up to the event start which kept us on our toes!

We were thrilled to have Tony Cottee , ex West Ham , Everton and England footballer come to the school and meet the team.

Phil from World Wide Investment Corp during the presentation explaining what is going on in the mortgage market.

Fabulous su-shi provided by served with champagne added the final touches to the experience - we love su-shi and Laura was on hand to serve our guests.

Looking forward to following up all of our appointments with investors wanting to get their portfolios started.

The feedback from our school - was "inspiring", "not heavy","reinstated my faith in property investment companies","Impressed","You have taken all of the sweat out of investment and made it easy for clients", "Very interesting".

Our guests came from and had contacts in many countries and we are also looking forward to growing new business relationships with those that came with a view to finding clients for us.

We had a lot of interest in our Kew Bridge near Kew Gardens and Lewisham properties - and some liked the idea of a rental property in Newquay which could provide a holiday home as well.

If you know anyone who would like a mortgage review, rent review or portfolio review - or would like some free advice then please ask them to contact us