Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Best of Bristol

Today has been such a positive day all round for Midas.
Robin and I set up an exhibition stand at Ashton Gate Stadium for the BestOfBristol which was a joint venture with the Federation of Small Business.

We were one of over 100 exhibitors and we were expecting to meet and talk to alot of people. We know the event attracts alot of different types of business so we were looking to find some like minded people there.

We saw alot of our networking friends and also met some new peope who gave us some great feedback.

Robin paused to tell us a little about the stand and what we wanted to achieve.

Friday, 24 September 2010

"You are too nervous" Midas tells Paramedic from Cheltenham - who now has 5 properties

Ian Summers, a paramedic from Cheltenham, tells us how his last 2 years as a Midas customer has opened up his life choices and changed his life. We are greatful to Ian for sharing his views - he explains how fearful he was initially and that Ian Clark took 2 years to accept him as a customer to make sure he wasnt too nervous. Ian Summers says that we are all conditioned to believe we must go to school , get good grades, get a good job, and work til your 65 and we need to train ourselves to believe that you dont have to work til you are 65 and that property allows you to get your life back.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Midas have 2 More Property Schools for October

Midas have 2 More Property Schools for October

We would like to offer an invitation out to anyone interested in Property Investment to our next 2 FREE Property Schools - play the video below to find out the dates and venues and how to attend.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

"Dancing like your dad!" Bristol City's Lee Johnson joins Midas

Robin and I met with Lee Johnson of Bristol City for a chat about joining Midas and also how he views property investment.

We are thrilled to announce that Lee has decided to endorse Midas which further enhances our public profile and gives our brand further credibility - something which we treasure with so many of our competitors going down the route of taking clients for a ride.

We have been to a number of seminar type events which are basically just hard sell forums for their expensive DVDs and seminars which guests are pressurised to buy. These companies tend to charge fees for property finding as well and then leave you to it - which often increases the risk of failure in property investment. At Midas we believe passionately in staying with our clients for 10 years and making sure there are no mistakes made and that a relationship is build up based on trust and success.

Lee Johnson tells us about his views as a player and also his dancing!

Monday, 20 September 2010

Interest from Malaysia

Was at the Dorchester hotel in London before I went to Spain earlier this month to meet Carol, a lady from Malaysia, and after an hour chatting to her she was so impressed that she is now buying three properties through Midas and wants to take our property school to Malaysia for her family and friends.

She did say however that she had seen five other companies before us and thought we were the most professional and loved the fact we hold the clients hand all the way , great news !!!!

Friday, 17 September 2010

Bristol City's Lee Johnson joins Midas and wants to share his view on what we do

We are thrilled to announce that Bristol City's Lee Johnson is joining Midas and will tell us all about his excitement about joining us on Monday.

Best Of Bristol Show next on the Midas calendar

Robin and I are really looking forward to presenting at the Best of Bristol exhibtion at Ashton Gate on the 28th Sept. Its going to be attended by 1500 visitors and there are over 300 exhibitors which should make for a great day.

In our experience people are open to the idea of investment once they are shown our strategy because they realise we do our research and the service we offer involves holding their hands for future.

We are looking forward to seeing alot of friendly faces too from the networking scene.

Cheltenham Property School now confirmed

We have now confirmed a second school for October for the 18th October at the Holiday Inn Express @ 6pm and we are looking forward to another evening of sharing our tips and strategies for successful property investing in the UK