Friday, 23 December 2011

Going Countrwide means increased sales

Great News for us this month - we have agreed terms with working with Countrywide  - the UKs largest estate agency branch network with 1200 branches.

We have to sift through an awful lot of properties when selecting for investors and it becomes a time consuming and frankly wasteful process at times because we have to discard 70% of all the sites / properties we see; often because they are in the wrong location or they aren't going to generate enough yield for an investment deal to stack up.

So in 2012 we are now able to represent some of our developers who want extra marketing by selling via the Countrywide branch network nationwide. This is a major milestone for us at Midas because , though the properties might not stack up for an investor, they can make perfectly good homes and it now means we will be engaging at a national level for most of the properties we get sent - and revenues will obviously be driven north by virtue of working in partnership as a corporate client of the nations largest asset management and estate agency business.

So we are looking forward to marketing our properties in the 3rd week of January 2012 and look to grow the partnership further with plenty more on the table to discuss. More to announce in due course.