Sunday, 2 February 2014

Student HMO investments - are they worth it?

Over the last two and half years the Midas team have been researching and developing an exciting new product which is now a proven model and ready to roll out. It's called a student HMO which stands for House of Multiple Occupation and is basically a property with rooms rented out separately on individual basis. 

We looked for an area which would provide predictable rental incomes and where there would be a high density of potential tenants. Cardiff provides just such a location and the small triangle of streets known affectionately to investors as "The Golden Triangle" - Cathays. We developed a concierge service for one of our client who now has 5 HMOs generating a massive £5,500 per month passive income. 

Take a look at this video and see how they work. If you are interested and would like one for yourself, just get in touch and we can send you the PDF and spreadsheet to play with the numbers. 

We can also arrange a viewing of several of the properties so you can see for yourself. Call 0844 357 940 or email and ask for the HMO Information pack. 

Wishing you every success.
Robin Campbell (Director @ Midas)
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