Thursday, 19 August 2010

Bristol School is a success

Our Bristol Property School was fully attended and the Midas team has grown significantly as a result of the attention we are getting on the Bristol networking scene.

A big thank you to all those people who made it to both our introducer induction and our main event in the evening.

Some of the feedback we received is shown below:

"Just the right length"
"Great educational content with facts and figures to back up the points"
"Liked the charts and maps"
"Good to see different people from different areas of expertese contributing"
"Learned alot about investment strategies"
"Useful to be able to ask questions of the experts"
"surprised at the growth in certain areas"

We want to extend our thanks to all those that attended and all the new introducers who are now joining our team.

It was nice to be validated by alot of IFA and mortgage professionals and now endorsed by the same people.

We are now looking for considerable growth in our client base and feel confident that our next school will require a bigger room!!!

Until next time.....

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