Tuesday, 21 September 2010

"Dancing like your dad!" Bristol City's Lee Johnson joins Midas

Robin and I met with Lee Johnson of Bristol City for a chat about joining Midas and also how he views property investment.

We are thrilled to announce that Lee has decided to endorse Midas which further enhances our public profile and gives our brand further credibility - something which we treasure with so many of our competitors going down the route of taking clients for a ride.

We have been to a number of seminar type events which are basically just hard sell forums for their expensive DVDs and seminars which guests are pressurised to buy. These companies tend to charge fees for property finding as well and then leave you to it - which often increases the risk of failure in property investment. At Midas we believe passionately in staying with our clients for 10 years and making sure there are no mistakes made and that a relationship is build up based on trust and success.

Lee Johnson tells us about his views as a player and also his dancing!

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