Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Midas 1st Chinese Property School!! see photos

The Midas overseas team set out on Saturday to launch their 1st overseas property schools and appointments have been booked with some key clients and contacts to help get us off to a flying start.

Alister Betts and Rebecca Finney were key to the operation with their contacts, planning and Chinese liaison - so important to us for making a success of our venture.

 We are really working hard to make sure our school content is more educational than anything else as we value being seen as professionals with knowledge to impart rather than SELL, SELL , SELL which we know other investment companies do without mercy and often give our types a bad name. 

Here are a couple of shots taken on our 1st school

We have appointments lined up with some great business people in Shang Hai this week followed by Hong Kong shortly afterwards. 

Looking forward to reporting back with more progress.

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  1. Fantastic stuff - how's your Mandarin coming on Ian?


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