Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Why is London still so popular with investors?

I've put together some simple walkthroughs of 2 of our many London sites for our investors to give our reasons why these 2 sites are such good investments.

Here is Stratford Lett Road overlooking the 2012 London Olympic stadium

Each site is different and has strengths of its own - that's why its so important to do your research and visit the site and ask questions of the locals at the schools during the day and in the pubs and restaurants during the night.

We are looking for a growth story in an area where we are going to get strong rental demand - so strong economic, education or tourist influences.

We also ask the developers how many have been sold to other investors - and also to be shown a surveyors report to demonstrate real market values so we can pass on genuine discount to our investors.

We also make sure a full rent review is done to make sure that the rentals stack up - as a rule of thumb we are looking for £525 rental for every 100k borrowed.

Here is Mulberry House in E1 Wapping - another up and coming area.

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