Saturday, 17 September 2011

Work with Midas - The Introducer training

  Today marked a special occasion - our first introducer training session for those people who have caught the Midas Buzz and want to understand exactly how the Midas business works and how they can work for us in finding clients.

We had 4 sessions:
1.   I gave the opening session on how to work the real estate business from an estate agents point of view
2.   Robin gave his overview on the introducer numerous tools and resources available and a full explanation on how he uses networking and internet marketing to attract clients
3.   Phil Clark , one of our preferred mortgage brokers gave an insight on what was possible for investors and how to understand the basics of buy to let investment mortgages
4.   Andy Dillan our lettings manager explained all about the Lettings market and how to find new investors.

Here was a view from the car park at the new office.

Here was the team enjoying their lunch and getting settled back down into the afternoon session.

Here were some comments from some of the attendees

Rob Tolchard - Plymouth
Today's training has allowed me while listening to the great presentation to think of the points I'd been missing out on and I think there are a number of avenues I can now attack and build my Midas introducer business

John Doherty
I have been aware of Midas for a few months now and had already spoken to a couple of people but today it was good to get a good overview of the business, a greater in-depth knowledge of the model and the type of properties and the lettings and the backup service and the knowledge of all those elements helped me explain more fully to the people I talk to -its a really good model

Jawad Ahmed
I think the biggest thing I found today is that there is a lot more equity in your property that  you realize especially if you are self employed and the other thing I found useful was the source of leads and different ways of contacting people and also getting an update on the back office tools available

Paul & Sian Mayer-Haart
It clarified a lot of things and answered a lot of questions and also a lot of things we would never have thought of ourselves. Helpful to meet other people and to get other perspectives - also the questions aren't necessarily occur to us. We found it equipped us for the future

Tony  Ward
There are numerous things -  the first thing I got was trust in the people that set up the business so I have confidence in their experience and what they can do has been proven. Now they have put it altogether in a simple presentation the client must understand its just there for them.

Mike Beckley
Its really interesting - there are a lot of questions you get asked when presenting the concept of property investment and the session today answered all those objections.

Robin asked Kevin Crook from London and Tamas Lakos from Bristol what they got from the sessions

Thanks for coming guys - we hope you can now go off and build a business that enables you to further your own investment plans

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