Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The Pitfalls of Managing Properties to Corporate Clients

When asked recently by the Telegraph for comment on the pitfalls of corporate clients, Andy our  Director at Midas Lettings said:

“In my 15 years of experience corporate clients generally are difficult to deal with.  We find that they put any employee in and the properties get treated like hotels.  A professional couple or family are far more secure tenants and look after the properties better.

The worst client I ever had was corporate. The Director of the Company took on a property, trashed the place leaving an £8000 cleaning and replacement furniture bill. The Company then threw the weight of its legal department behind it and it was months before the landlord got any money back.

I do get landlords saying they want corporate clients as they are under the impression that they are perfect.  The problem is that a company will have a property for a year and put 30 different people in so wear and tear is high.”

The question to ask yourself is: when you stay in a hotel when do you ever worry about the condition you leave it in? If you regard it as your home even for 6-12 months you will invariably treat it with respect!

For a full breakdown of how we manage our properties have a look at our What We Do page on our website

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