Sunday, 19 January 2014

What has happened to good old-fashioned customer service?

Midas Property School
Midas Property School

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Here at Midas we pride ourselves on offering good old-fashioned customer service and allow our clients to take all the time they need to make a quality decision.

Too often we meet people who have been pressured into making decisions about buying a property and also we are surprised to hear how little after-care is given to the client after a purchase is made.

We're also disgusted that some companies apply pressure to clients in a "presentation format" to buy seminars or DVDs for exorbitant prices. It was said by a well-known property guru who offers a year long course of seminars for £17,000 that 80% of his students don't do anything AFTER his weekend courses.

We totally understand why this happens. It's because the student is left to fend for themselves and doesn't have the courage or experience to follow through with any deals they find. Once they have bought the property then the management is a lottery without the right advice.

So, we aim to provide the total service where nothing is left to chance, and the customer can relax knowing that all bases are covered, and that we'll help you reach your destination as smoothly and as efficiently as possible.

Our Commitment to Excellent Service

Excellent service Excellent service

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