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Why Choose Midas as an Investment Partner

Midas Property School
Midas Property School

Midas Estates have established relationships with the major players in the development world. Here are just some of our partners who work with us to deliver discounts, and the very best prime location rental properties.

Barratt Redrow Persimmon
David Wilson homes Taylor Wimpey

Midas Director Ian Clark used to be on ITV's "The Estate Agents" in 1999-2000 which drew in 10.5 million viewers. He is also an ex director of Exeter City FC and owner of Clark & Co Estate Agents in Bristol, which grew to four branches.

Ian is the driving force behind Midas Estates and his passion and desire to help everyday people achieve their goals runs throughout the company philosophy. Ian says "we teach people to get their money working for them and show them a way to get their lives back"

Mark Regan, MBE, World Cup winning England rugby player, Director Midas Estates

Mark, Ian, Lee Mark World Cup -

"I was very sceptical with property investment because I had made mistakes in the past, and bought property in the wrong areas. When I met Ian Clark in 2008, I needed some time to come to trust the business and fully appreciate what was on offer.

"Over time though it became apparent that Midas Estates knew exactly what they were doing, and I have now invested many times. With Ian’s expert advice I am confident that my future is now secure.

"It's now a case of my money working for me and not me working for my money. As an ex-professional rugby player I always knew that the time would come when I had to make some investment choices to ensure my earnings were going to keep me in the days beyond my playing career, so it was always important to me to make sure I got the decision right.

"It’s now very easy to relax knowing Midas have got my hand and wont let me go and will advise me every step of the way. I have since joined as director and have recommended Midas to other rugby players, and they have never looked back with the investments they have made".

Lee Johnson ex Bristol City player, now manager at Oldham,
Co-Director Midas Estates

"I have been to many property seminars and seen many property investment models, but what struck me about the Midas model was the level of accountability that they offer their clients, making it a commitment to achieving success. A lot of other companies have tended to leave the client without a firm support process.

"Ian Clark's research impressed me also, and I know that the properties I have seen have all of the right things going for them – location, growth potential and strong rental.
Lee Johnson

"The long term planning also means that those who just want to trust Midas and get on with their lives can do so with peace of mind and knowing that there is someone there always accountable. I joined Midas as co-director because of the warmth of the team, and the fact that the model works and leaves the client in control with a dedicated team always there to make the plan work.

"Some of the younger players at Bristol City come to me for advice and so its good to know that I can refer them to Midas as a trustworthy company who will look after their interests and not rip them off. There are a lot of hard sellers out there who are only too quick to take your money and a professional footballer’s career can be very short, so it's vital that we choose our investments wisely".

Janet Watts, Cake Maker from Cheltenham - bought a property in Cornwall and told the Sunday Times all about it.

Malcolm Wilson told Phil Spencer's Property and Home Magazine all about his experience with Midas Estates and how it has really taken him to the next level in his investor journey.

High Standards with our property research

Here are just some of the properties we have sourced in the last two years showing you the standard we are aiming for. We are looking for desirable properties, which offer capital growth, and are in sought after locations.

School House Conversion - Wapping

Dockside on the harbour in Bristol

Dockside Dockside

Pentire Point and Watergate Bay, Newquay coast

Newquay1 Newquay2

Newquay 3 Newquay 4

On the 18th hole - Golf Course Bristol
Golf Course

Lemonade Building - Barking


White Cube - Lewisham


Countrywide Estate Agents with 1200 branches nationwide are now engaged with Midas to partner for 2014 offering additional leverage for our tenant finds but also our sourcing of developments and land deals. Countrywide

Spicer Haart, the UK's second largest estate agent network, signed a partnership agreement with Midas to run Property Investment schools in London for 2014 Spicer

We hope you are encouraged by our established working relationships with have been forged over many years of hard work, and passing through much due diligence on the part of all of our working partners. We have earned the right to call them partners and together we are able to offer more and more value to our investors.

For a free one to one consultation, please get in touch today.

Wishing you every success.

Robin Campbell (Director @ Midas)
....helping people profit from property and design a life of choice

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