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Leave Nothing to Chance with your property investment

Midas Property School
Midas Property School

At Midas, our standards are extremely high, and we are always striving to ensure your investment is protected and your financial position as strong as it can be.

So, we insist on our clients having a buffer in place to protect them. Mortgage rate increase, repairs, voids or a need drop rents will impact your cash flow, so we insist that buffer is enough to protect you in such times.

This tough stance might seem a little strict, but we believe this sensible approach ensures you are still thriving whilst others are struggling.

The buffer is your nest egg and an essential part of your portfolio structure.

It's vital we find the best tenants for your property and we carry out extensive checks on them before they sign. They must pass a credit check, provide works and landlords references. If any of these references do not prove positive, we will not accept them as tenants. Reference

We conduct a video inventory when the tenant checks in and checks out, to ensure the deposit can be utilised to cover the costs of any damages.

This detailed inventory covers the condition of every part of the property and is legally watertight when a claim is made on the deposit.

Our management team director Tom Derrett, who is a qualified barrister, and used to sit on the panel for adjudicating landlord disputes, is well placed to help you get the most from this side of the strict management.

Rent guaranteeDispute resolution

We place our landlords with rent guarantee insurance, and offer a dispute resolution service to take care of any issues which might come up if the tenant falls out of work or gets made redundant and struggles to pay the rent. The policy pays out your rent one month in arrears, and we take care of any court proceedings if the tenant becomes a delinquent tenant.

One of the ways we maximize your rental income is to use a multi-agent strategy to perform the tenant find. That way we maximise the chances of a tenant being found because the local agents have all the prospective tenants on their databases.

We negotiate the finder's fees down and instruct all the agents, with each knowing that the first one to find a tenant gets paid the finder's fee.
Multi agent

In addition to this, we also conduct rent reviews for our landlords every six months. Some agents get lazy and don't want to rock the boat with good tenants and quiet landlords, but we believe the agent should be proactively looking to increase rents for the landlord and will take the earliest opportunity to do this.

So, we contact 30+ agents in every location on first instruction and then 10+ on each review, so we are seeing where the most agents agree, and we then get the most realistic maximum for our landlords. It's a business after all, and you need to know we are doing our best for you and getting your investment working as hard as it can do.

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Wishing you every success.
Robin Campbell (Director @ Midas)
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